51 More Years Would be Sweet

I had a great year. 

My daughter Rachel loves her first weeks at college, Max is number 1 on his high school golf team, my wife Ellen still likes me and my inlaws keep their distance. 

A few complaints but nothing a highly SEO’d and viral personal blog post won’t cure at some point soon. 

I was on San Hill Road this week (for the very first time) at a party of August Capital. I rarely go to Palo Alto and I love the town. Sand Hill road is like a different planet though. 

I assumed it would be awkward for me but I ran into so many friends (investors, co-investors, people I respect and people I know from the web but met for the first time). A few times I was introduced to others as a great investor by people I really look up to. That made my year. 

The most amazing thing about Silicon Valley at the moment (as an outsider looking in) was the amount of Tesla’s. As I left the party in an uber I saw 12 Tesla’s lined up. It clicked that as everyone starts to own these vehicles in the next 20 years that autonomous driving will really be a thing. 

It’s fun and for me important to look into the future. It’s nice that it is only an hour flight away.