Gone Fishing…and Some Trading Reminders

I am on my way to NYC with a stop for one day of Tarpon fishing in Naples.

Here is my view as I write tonight…


This tweet from Ramp Capital made me laugh this morning:

Last week I put on a really bad trade following a big win in $LULU. I rarely will trade around earnings, but with the big $LULU move on earnings I got loose and put on a long trade ahead of earnings on Restoration Hardware. Long story short, it was so easy for Ellen and I to spend a fortune at Restoration, I felt they would surprise people.

As Josh Brown would say…I was ‘beclowned’.

If you invest or trade you will be ‘beclowned’.

It could be worse…I could be this guy…

PS – some good investing reads today include Morgan Housel’s ‘You Have To Live It To Believe It‘ and Kwockchain’s ‘Making Uncommon Knowledge Common‘.