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I am excited about the potential for . I think young people will be all over this. Eddie just emailed me and likes it. I have young Meghann at Lindzon HQ setting up her personal finances on the site tomorrow and she will hopefully give us some young lady insight.

Personally, I just wont give all my passwords and info on my personal banking stuff over just yet. Too freaked out for that and I am an open book.

I also long ago quit the Quicken addiction, but I am itching to dive back in these days.

Here is a good review from Venture Beat . I am happy for long time blogroll and hip marketing dude Noah Kagan who is doing his thing for the Minters .


  1. Geoff says:

    Mint is amazing. Got lucky to do the beta testing last couple of weeks and I can’t get enough. Said goodbye to Wesabe and checking all my individual financial websites. Incredible.

  2. Trader Mike says:

    The site sounds really impressive but I’m with you about “giving up” my financial passwords & info.

  3. Trader Mike says:

    You know what? I just read all their security stuff and it is making me rethink my stance a bit. I’m also sooo sick of Quicken that I may actually give Mint a try — especially since I just lost a few week’s worth of Quicken data with my hard drive crash, this may be the time for me to make a switch. Hmm..

  4. Eric says:

    I just found this after reading about the Tech Crunch 40 event and Love it. I think you are right on about young people liking this idea.

  5. fred wilson says:

    yo howard, you told me you don’t get wesabe and then you post that you like mint

    they do the exact same thing

    i think you are buying into the techcrunch hype machine

  6. my bad actually. wesabe’s mktg pitch is too social networking and community. i dont want tips on saving dough at a laundromat. Now I have to put meghann to work on both and compare…develpping

  7. Seankubin says:

    yeah! no more having my 64 character payee field truncated to 24 characters! I can actually see the full names.
    a few days later…
    yeah! no more having the wife put things in the wrong category! It’s all done automagically!!!

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