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Adobe and Baidu..Seem subprime Free

Adobe guides up I think from a quick glance. Slow and steady has this rise been. Baidu has been the opposite, fast and loose, but added 18 freaking more points today. Congrats to the SIRI longs and Baidu shorts. Keep reading this blog for my good luck. Disclosure – Long ADBE and Baidu

You say Apollo, I say Adobe

Mike from TechCrunch is talking about Adobe’s Apollo launch. I say the stock market has been digesting this news for a while and likes what it has to swallow. I will take his nerdy word for it and his 37 minute podcast with fellow geeks and nerds and the links and comments to the post. …

Adobe – "FLASHING" green.

Just last week, Adobe was in code red position in the Lindzon portfolio. Today – all green. I will likely add in the morning to my position (just a little). I have no comments on the just released numbers – who the hell really knows anyways. BUT, the price action is speaking volumes! In honor …