The Writing Experiment

I gave my son Max an extra ‘work’ assignment for his second semester of college…three paragraphs about his daily life.

I set up a Google document and told him not to stress about grammar and just let it flow.

The blank page is a daunting beast each and every day. I was not sure what to expect.

I figured worst case Max would become a better storyteller, but if he embraced the spirit of the assignment he would hone a skill that would make him a better employee/leader/citizen.

We are now six weeks into the experiment. Yesterday Max wrote that he ‘loves writing’ (at least in this format) and I certainly feel I have a great look into how he is managing life.

I hope one day he turns this inside out and just blogs. He is really funny as he spills his guts on the digital blank canvas.

It has never been easier to write…too many don’t even try.