My 12 Charts of 2016…Trump Election ‘Nacht’ and the Futures

A couple quickie thoughts before we get to the chart…

Bitcoin is up a quick 12 percent from my post Monday and at this point it may make the 12 charts of 2016 by the time this series is done.

Bitcoin is now worth more than Twitter…which makes sense because I can buy weed and guns with Bitcoin.

When I woke up in 2016 my one wish was to have Donald Trump tweeting about nuclear proliferation (‘nukes’ to be exact) as President from his iPhone. Seems so safe.

This list is hilarious and you must read – so funny…some 2016 bad predictions.

Trump yesterday picked Carl Icahn to run the countries prostate and pick regulators or something. I’m no fan of Icahn (here are my blog posts from the past that cover him). Icahn runs $IEP which I have taken to task a lot. His public vehicle has performed worse than the Dow since it’s inception. This year his stock (mostly from the Trump bump today) is up 6 percent and Berkshire Hathaway is up 28 percent. No wonder he needs to control the regulators.

I used a travel assistant app called ‘Pana‘ to book my travel and it went great. Great price, simple to use and all from text. Definitely a service made for a guy like me. I hate booking travel and save ‘two click’ flight travel which we should get one day, this is the nicest tech surprise of the year for me.

Finally, I binged ‘The Night Manager’ on Amazon prime and it was really really good.

Ok to the chart…

I was in Lisbon, sitting on my bed as the President election results were tallied in November and I watched as the S&P futures closed limit down. It only took a few hours.

It was strange to be watching this from my smartphone at midnight Lisbon time, so connected to the community on Stocktwits. Here is the chart from that night:

I was surprised that Trump had won, surprised how quickly the futures were limit down, but am most surprised that the S&P moved decisively back to all-time highs.

Until the markets trade below the market lows of that eerie night of futures trading, I will stick with my stocks and not stress myself out too much about what Trump means for the stock markets.

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