19,710 Days and Counting…Lucky Me.

I hit 19,710 days old today…give or take.

I have about 10,000 days lefT.

I have a lot I want to do with these 10,000 days (not counting 10,000 blog posts, 100,000 tweets and 500-1000 podcasts).

I was in Los Angeles for the day yesterday for meetings and it was a lot of fun.

In the Stackin board meeting, Scott Grimes asked me what you get a guy my age who has everything. I said ‘a pillpack’.

I was walking from Venice to Santa Monica after the board meeting and as I passed Google’s headquarters I was amazed to see many tents pitched against the gates and walls surrounding it. The tents of the homeless. I am reminded how lucky I am and how terrible it is for so many.

My friend Tim Chang who is also 54 was in Los Angeles (from Taipei) visiting his mom and we grabbed a lunch and talked about China, Fat Nixon, investing ideas and the little things we need to start doing habitually to live longer.

In a creative meeting later with my friend JC and his crew, we brainstormed about the financial publishing and media landscape and came away with some great ideas. In that meeting, I also discovered that the 4 most important things in my backpack for a day trip – the ones in my quick zip – are in no particular order – an iPhone battery pack, Adderall, a Tide pen and Airpods.

I helped a friend fine tune a pitch over dinner and even with an airport Monsoon delay back in Phoenix I was in bed by 11-30.

Thanks everyone for reading everyday and encouraging me to keep sharing. This one daily habit has been a most important part of my life outside meeting Ellen and having Rachel and Max.

Life is fragile and difficult and the world is complex and overwhelming, but you can still keep life pretty simple. I am grateful each day that simplicity rules.