From: August 2007

Bill Maher on Crox…Hysterical

My favorite piece of comedy the last few years has been Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules’. The rest of his show bites. Last night he just killed it and his CROX reference got me laughing and thinking…maybe the CROX trend is just too well known. It’s definately in the public consciousness if he can make so …

Welcome Meghann Will

It was time for me to get some help with writing, research, work and organization so please welcome Meghann Will to and Wallstrip. She is on my payroll as CBS is being stingy :), but will help me crank out 5 times the content on trends for Wallstrip, the IPO show, Naked Putz and … with Smart Hire

My friend Kristen Bentz is now a managing editor over at . Congrats to her and her hilarious personality should freshen up the fuddy duddies over at TheStreet . She blogs here on retail and hip products . I tried to grab her for Wallstrip and CBS so kudos to James Altucher and …

A Smelly Winner…SXT

This looks like a boring winner for those watching all-time highs . It’s only been around since the late 1800’s. I love those simple businesses. Obviously they have a lock on smell and I may just create my own fragrance…Trends or Wallstrip :) . Disclosure – No Position…yet and I love YouTube

Caveat Emptor…Countrywide Financial

Great article today by Brett Arends at TheStreet . Best part: An observation: Back in March, when the market first started panicking about the mortgage slump, Countrywide stock was still trading around $35. I wrote in this space about the fact that Mozilo and other insiders were shoveling stock out the door on an heroic …

Where is the Strength?

My friend Eric at Blackstar sent over their list of the 25 strongest stocks in the market. I own one – SYNA. I suspect I will add 4-5 more here once I get through the list. Some Wallstrip candidates as well. Which ones would be best and why? PLMD IDXX SIGM ZNH MPWR KEYS KYPH …

Go Apple

Some nice growth and market share number speculations today . The September 5th show could be interesting . The new Apple keyboard is insanely comfortable. Bought my kids the new imac and have now upgraded 4 keyboards as well. It’s like typing in butter. Disclosure – Long Apple