2008 – Not Living up to the HYPE

Andy just twittered that 2008 is not living up to the hype. He’s right :) .

It’s 12:51 AM here in Toronto and I am watching bad kid TV with Rachel and my niece. The best TV has to offer for kids is Hannah Montana and Zoey 101. I long for ‘Leave it to Beaver.

My nephew is upstairs with buddies on their unlocked iPhones bought in the US and on the Rogers network, also on YouTube and playing guitar Hero and Wii. They are multitasking as only today’s 14 year old kids know how to do. They rave about the Facebook/iPhone app and say it’s the best part about having an iPhone.

We did all manage to chat briefly about the ‘housing’ and ‘mortgage’ crisis and they share all the same ‘bearish’ concerns. Though Rachel is now scared, the teens are optimistic that Ninetendo should have a wicked financial armageddon game by second quarter 2008.

2008 is starting as 2007 ended.

Short Financials and Buy Gaming Stocks.


  1. IBH says:

    you are not a good channel surfer. The SCI-FI network (maybe you get it in Canada) had 2 days of the original Twilight Zone shows, written by the great Rod Serling. One of the great shows on TV at the time. Still relevant today and better than most of the crap. It would make a great holiday present for anyone over 40 who remembers the show. Great boxed set out.

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