2009…Customers as ASSETS

I love Disqus and I completely disagree with people that say the web is not about conversations. As Fred Wilson blogged today : ‘Correspondence is Making A Comeback

In the comments to my post : ‘2009…The Year of Ideas’, frequent commenter Ivanhoff had some great insight into the social web and assets of corporations heading into 2009:

It is amazing how fast the world changes. 50 years ago the biggest asset for most companies was their equipment. 15 years ago the biggest assets for most companies were their employees. Today, in 21st century – the time of social networks, the biggest assets for new companies are their customers. All this suggests that an entirely new revenue models need to be created – models, where customers give and receive back something of higher value than their own contribution. The new companies’ role is to bring together people, who are able and willing to help each other. But how are they going to profit out of this? – by sharing profits with their customers.

The Social Web, when used properly should help the good businesses improve margins and indeed share profits with their customers.

Originally posted as a comment by ivanhoff on Howard Lindzon using Disqus.