2009…The Year of Financial Chaos?

I think so.

Let’s face it, despite the criminals, financial asshats, insanely long presidential race, and all the other disruptive and horrific financial events, we really had no chaos in 2008. The losses still seemed kind of orderly. If not orderly, than the losers seem pretty damn quiet.

I can’t shake the feeling that the statements will finally be opened and denial will lead to rage, and hate in 2009.

We had a VIX at 90 for sure, but Volatility is so 2008. Chaos is 2009 and Chaos has no yardstick or market measure. Maybe me need the equivalent of the VIX for Chaos.

Chaos will be the rule of 2009. In Chaos, none of the old measures work (like 2008), but the delay in belief or the hope that old measures and ‘textbook’ matters come back into play keep chaos at bay. I think the extreme measures our leaders (globally) are taking when they have no chaos experience are the trigger for a chaotic 2009.

Maybe it will be the currency markets or maybe it will be a trade war set off from the auto bailouts.

I truly don’t have a gameplan for financial chaos. You can’t haul gold around and is a Taser better than a Smith and Wesson?

Cash under your mattress is a good idea I guess, but how could I be considered an optimist for doing that.

You must have a gameplan for what can REALLY go wrong in 2009. I am open to suggestions!


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