2009…The Year of IDEAS!

I agree with Jevon of StartupNorth.ca that you must keep your strength in 2009 to NOT lose ground.

I will spend much of my work time 2009 in the microblog world. Why?

It’s my business now, it’s fun, it’s downright funny and positive, foreward focused and there are dollars to be had.

If ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’, I want in on a bazillion of the ideas I get in my Twitter and StockTwit streams. There is a huge ‘arb’ play on the old truism when it comes to microblogging.

Today I had rolled past two beauties. Brian from Alphatrends tweeted a link to his post on ‘How to Make Money on The Bernie Madoff Scheme ‘. I know and trust Brian, I read the post and quickly got a sense of the trade and figured my stops and put the trade right on. While old media must report old news, new media systems can focus on opportunity, not NOISE! Brian gets it. I was not looking for action in the market, but along comes a trusted tweet in real time and an opportunity worth engaging.

The other beauty was not stock related, but when i read it I thought the idea would be relevant for one of my portfolio companies. TrexDigit said someone should make artwork off the 2008 stock charts of the 3rd and 4th quarters. The idea is right on, maybe niche, but something I will consider for a Wallhogs collection line in January 2009 (while I am at it, send me any of your faves).

After watching Harold and Kumar tonight to just free my mind and make me laugh I created a List of Five Foods (Dishes) I could eat at mealtimes for the rest of my life (it would be a fat rest of life but we are going to financial hell anyways):

1. Crepes

2. Falaffel/Gyros

3. Dumplings (pan Fried)

4 Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls

5. Humble Pie Pizza (new in Scottsdale)

Pinkberry dessert

Let me know what you could live off of…

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