From: March 2011


Oil is now trading well north of $100. Even with a devalued US Dollar, this is relatively uncharted waters once again for global markets. At some point, the Rock (oil) will trample the Scissors (the FED) that is printing money to boost the economy (paper). The rally in stocks now going on for the better …

The StockTwits Blog Network Is In Effect!

StockTwits strives to provide a platform for investors and traders to broadcast their best thoughts to each other easily, efficiently and in real time.

Our microblog streams are amazing for this, allowing members to exchange ideas, charts and links and to organize them by tickers and users, quickly and without friction.

More recently, we've begun rolling out a Wordpress based blog platform so that many of the most knowledgeable members of our community can stretch out a bit and express themselves in longer form.