2018 – What A Year in Markets

It’s only August, but it sure feels like a full year has happened in the markets.

Today, the S&P hit it’s first all-time high since January 26. Ryan has some good news looking out one year.

It could be the free trading that JP Morgan/Chase announced, but I doubt it. I did use the news to sell my last piece of Schwab stock. Here is how the brokers reacted to JP Morgan’s news.

In January, it looked like a long bull market was coming to an end. Today, Josh writes about the streak, but more impotantly, who has really benefitted.

Trends that I thought were dead last year – iRobot comes to mind – are back at all-time highs this week.

I have written about eSports this year, but this man is trying to build an esports team worth $1 billion.

$100 million financing rounds have become the norm.

Sneaky evil is at all-time highs as drugmakers increase prices by 100x simply by combining generic drugs.

The crypto crash rages on.

The chart of Facebook looked like this TWO days this year:

Coal is NEVER coming back , AND plastic pollution ay never go away.

Sequoia says it’s never been a better time to invest in India.

Elon has gone from taking Tesla private to leaving it public in just the last two weeks.

Chicago is DEEP into an financial leverage experiment that Ben Hunt explains won’t end well.

Apple became the first company to pass $1 trillion, but I will stick with my call (from 2015) that Amazon will be the largest company by 2020.

Have a great weekend.

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