2018 – The Year of The Vape

The year 2017 was the year of the HODL. In the Crypto world ‘HODL’ has replaced HOLD and it dates back to this post in a crypto forum in 2013.

While Trump tweeted, the world voted to take their money off the grid.

Politics ruled the airwaves, the internets and our minds, but crypto sneaked into the mainstream.

We inhaled a lot of noise.

Speaking of inhale…

My old friend Mark Scatterday blew my mind yesterday when I finally got to see his Jupiter Vape. He pinged me to come see his fast growing company down the street from our home as he heard I was back in Phoenix.

Mark started the Gripp which I have written about here often and it was my true education on start-ups. I cold called him to sell him stocks and he turned the tables on me and I went all in on his Company. Mark and I travelled the world selling Gripps in the 1990’s. We were balls deep in balls. There is no balls joke we have not heard.

Mark is an incredible product guy and after The Gripp went on to run product at Njoy (which was a unicorn for a moment). Mark was their man in China figuring out the product and manufacturing. Long story short, nJoy missed the vape explosion.

Mark left nJoy to build a high end Vape.

What he has built is a Keurig for the industry. His company is called Jupiter Research and the core product is Jupiter.

Here we are smiling yesterday after a long brainstorming session on growth and financing. I might have tried a few of the accessories…

For those unfamiliar with Vapeing, hit my son Max up or check Wikipedia.

Mark is the comeback king as well. He battled cancer this year and has it beat while taking his company from $0 to a $60 million run rate.

I am excited for him.

I am excited about my new Vape (not that I inhale).

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