60 minutes – Could reporters look any older.

I am a huge Tiger Wood’s fan. I love winners. Old people freak me out so I was conflicted when I actually alarmed myself to watch 60 minutes on Sunday.

I don’t mind the puff piece they did on Tiger. If anyone deserves it, he does. It is not news that he is one of the best role models for athletes – globally.

The shiiite piece before was more typical of this badly aging group. They chose a topic on which they have no real knowledge- stock market manipulation. A large Biotech (Biovail) accusing a small Phoenix firm of colluding with a hedge fund to drive down it’s stock price. I have met with Carr Bettis of the firm in question. He is smart, open and successful. Everyone in the business has conflicts but it sounds like he is getting a raw deal from some disgruntled employees and an unfocused CEO at Biovail. Note to Leslie – she misses a 100 great stock manipulation stories chasing this one.

Take alook at Biovail’s latest earning reports and you get the real reason the stock is down, not from these guys in the desert. By the way, while the CEO persists with this battle, his stock and the shareholders he says he is defending are not likely to move higher. I will check back in on this story.

Talk about useless filler to make room for the Tiger piece. I would rather watch Tiger hit balls off Andy Rooney’s wrinkled ass for that 20 minutes. It is why I tuned in. They owe me.

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