An 8-80 Update

It was another fantastic year for my 8-80 list of stocks.

An equal weighting of the fourteen (14) stocks in 2017 would have returned more than 45 percent – more than double the returns of owning the S&P 500. That is a good reward for picking stocks.

Only Starbucks disappointed this year and underperformed the 19 percent S&P rise.

I picked the wrong food stock for my list as McDonalds was up over 40 percent. My favorite fast food sneak food of 2018 is Mcdonald’s breakfast burritos where I can buy 2 for $2. I saw it, I ate it, but I did not own it.

I am keeping Starbucks on a short leash for in 2018 (note – you can subscribe to my ‘Peloton’ service you get real-time updates throughout the year).

I imagine in 2018 I will consider adding crypto asset to my list as 8-80 year olds are already familiar with Bitcoin. In the meantime, Visa and Mastercard have kicked butt.

As always I urge people not to chase stocks or returns.

Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone.

PS – I started writing about my 8-80 list in February, 2016. In February, 2017 I updated it.

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