A Bear's Case…I Love the Way they use the term EPIC!

Bear’s are people too. I rarely read the putz’s because they are short, fat ugly people with moles (not that I am a looker).

Here is the latest EPIC bear case . Guy must be a blast to hang with.

Let’s assume he is right and it is more than EPIC…like Epic cubed?

It’s why I buy and sell on the way up and avoid dip buying other than extremes (smalll amounts in that case anyways). My strategy will eventually land me in cash. If you stay away from all-time lows and are disciplined on declines, you land in cash.

Use your cash to focus on a mountain retreat on the way to the EPIC bear market.


  1. Chris says:

    Speaking of Bears, I just did an analysis on the institutional sponsorship of CROX. I am neither long or short but a word from the blogging CROX master couldn’t hurt. What do you make of the data? I will hop on the next trend in either direction with this one.

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