A Few Good Reads…The Chinese Digital Wall and Letters To Our Younger Selves

This made me laugh regarding the power outage in California:

It is our last day in Tuscany today.

Tomorrow we are off to Amsterdam for a board meeting.

I did a hard ride this morning. The views from the top of the hills today was great…

Yesterday we took the train into Florence for the afternoon. We had our favorite Rigatoni:

Coming home we got off at Villa Costanza!!! We could not find George’s home.

I promised a few good reads in the title so here goes…

Ben Thompson has a great post titled ‘The China Cultural Clash‘. The Chinese do not play fair. Everyone knows. I worry more about the digital wall than the war Fat Nixon seems to be fighting.

These letters from famous athletes to their younger selves are really good. We all have kids and young people to share these with that these might inspire. Send them around.