A few stock positions

I have been asked to offer some examples of stocks that I am long. My buddies at Blackstar, Cole and Eric, have been kind enough to share a few charts that I use in making decisions. I have an allocation to their fund. I am happy. I love these two idiots. We have been in the trenches together.

First off is Rentrak. I own some. This is NOT a recommendation that you should buy it. It is for ego purposes only! I do not want to get into the gory details of how the stops were created (maybe one day or call Blackstar), but they sound REAL SMART! I base my position size on the amount of money I am willing to lose if I get stopped out of that position (a close below the lowest dotted line) – factoring that potential loss into my total portfolio.

Next is PFWD – same thing

Lastly is EWM. The difference is that Blackstar would not own this stock as it is not at an all-time high. A good question would be – so why do you own it you putz?

To which I would respond. I like the Malaysians. I am not a computer. I will never retire!


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