A Friendly Note to the King of Bears…Bill Fleckenstein…You know Squat

You truly are a putz!

Trader Mike linked me to another moronic piece by this perma bear. Bill is smart. I mean he’s always writing for someone (lately though the awful MSN Money). He gets invited to high profile cocktail parties for sure (with his great hair) and he seems like a pro at missing bull runs.

First of all, if you are a bear and even have CNBC on in the background (which he does), there is something so wrong with you, that medicine would not help. That’s called self inflicted torture. Bill…You are a lunatic.

Than, if you feed your insanity, with trips to New Jersey to voice your whining into the cable network that you hate so much, you are a complete fool. In my books you ae also an ass. CNBC is noise. Your contribution in ANY way, is not for the greater good.

In this new missive, Bill whines about Dow 14,000, much like he whined about Dow 12,000. It’s painful.

Of course he will be correct. There is crazy lax rules, silliness in China, global war risks, global warming, global cooling, farts are melting the ozone, polar bears are in Florida, too many Crox lovers, Y2K problems, SARS….

They will matter one day, OR MAYBE, Al Gore is wrong, The Flat World is a Good Thing, Lou Dobbs is on Crack, we elect a leader that focuses on friendship and allies, the Iran nutjob has a heart attack and dies. Things cool in Israel, and China just keeps cooking because it solves global pollution issues.

Who the f#@ck knows.

Definitely not BILL!


  1. danny says:

    Sounds like you know.


    You weren’t born in Canada, were you?

    Oh, and a small typo, it’s “then,” not than.

  2. J Livermore says:

    Now this is a good piece. Howard you notice SIRI up again today? Will change your opinion on this stock before it hits $6?

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    Siri is at $3.20. If it goes to $6, I will do a wallstrip in the nude and you can get full credit. what will you do when it trades below $2.

    you are wrong mr fake livermore.

    and all my pieces are good. Fake commenters hiding behind no link are always bad. step up and show yourself or be banned.

  4. J Livermore says:

    listen at least you could have offered up allowing Lindsy to do the show in the nude. How the heck do I benefit from you being naked? If it trades below $2 I wont post on your blog again. Dream on Howie! All your pieces aren’t good you need to tone down your arrogance! Ridiculious!

  5. Howard Lindzon says:

    jesse – go read fleckenstein.

    I save my arrogance for yutz’s like you only. you hide behind a fake name judging people.

  6. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    The line that really got me was Bill Fleckenstein talking about “arrogance.”

    Arrogance is something the Bears know about, in spades. Every other missive from the bearish screed is about some bit of holy economic knowledge, some golden tidbit of macro data from the ass of the Dalai Lama, that they and only they know; that bulls are ignorant of; and that will matter, tremendously, at some unknown time in the future.

    Interestingly, “arrogant” is also one of the Bears’ favorite put-downs for bulls that call them on their shit.

  7. J Livermore says:

    I already read Fleck and that guy is a super duper can of assbull. I like how you lower yourself to ad homian attcks against a poster who doesn’t want to put his name on the wild west of the Internets. Save your jewish slang for someone else Mr. Arrogant can of asshatery. Hasn’t Taser taught you anything today?

  8. T.H says:

    With his great hair you expect fleckenstein to understand that if he loses money every month he is a shmock putz bear and wrong…. it drives me crazy bull bears,, this guy is a clown the dow will go to 20,000 than drop to 17,000 and he will be on CNBC I told you so….

  9. JP says:

    Fleckenstein writes exactly the same column every week for the last five years. It’s been a pretty good gig for him.

    I remember 2002 when Dow was double dipping back to 7000 – he still felt it should go down another 50%. Still waiting on that.

    He called the metals though – gold, long before it happened.

  10. Bruce says:

    1. Bear bashing doesn’t happen at bottoms.
    2. Bill has great hair & you don’t.
    3. I’m a subscriber to Bills site.
    4. He’s been wrong on market direction for years.
    5. That hasn’t prevented me from making money. I like to hear the other side.
    6. Bill has made money during this bull market.
    7. You & he are similar; “Often wrong, never in doubt”.

  11. Howard Lindzon says:

    I am often wrong for sure, but Bill has written the same thing for years.

    I am not bash9ing bears, just the assanine writing

    ‘party’, and hypocrite behavior of your pal bill – running at every chnace to be on cnbc.

  12. Bruce says:

    Howard: Bill most certainly does not run at every chance to be on CNBC. In fact, he tries to run the other way but he does have friends on the network that he will appear for like JJC & he has respect for Ratigan. Bill he has been right on the money about the mortgage market. But as I said, if you listened to him on everything, you would miss a multitude of ways to make money. There is a place in this world for both him & you and in fact if there were only bulls, you would not be able to buy at the highs & sell higher. I think thats what happened 7 & 78 years ago & a few other points in btw.

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