A Fuddy Duddy Chimes in on iPhone…Funny Shit…And an Idea

By far the best financial writer on the internet is Jeff Matthews. It has been a while since I linked, but his hilarious/thoughtful take on his iPhone introduction is just awesome. It is a MUST READ for Apple Bulls and Bears:

Here is the last, best and most important post of the review . He has a message for Motorola:

Whatever you are working on, stop.

Whatever this-looks-cool-in-the-lab tinkering your engineers are doing to the latest versions of the RAZR or KRZR or any other embarrassingly un-cool acronym—however “hip” and “with it” and “gnarly” and “boss” you might think those new features could be—you should just forget what they’re doing, tell your engineers and marketing people to go buy a bunch of iPhones and play with them for a while, and start over.

Here is the thing – they won’t. They have that old fart raider (Carl Icahn) up their ass and Management is not thinking long-term.

Apple could not have released this phone at a better time. Sure YouTube is not working well and the newtwork sucks, but that will be fixed. Jeff calls YouTube on iPhone, the Solitaire of the new generation .

Motorola is a goner for now. They do have the all important PICO development with MVIS though as of today (congrats FLY).

It’s time to look at the component makers again. Although I have been burned in the past, a bunch of new product cycles are being unleashed.

MVIS, SYNA, CY and a slew of other semiconductor component plays are going to be running and gunning now that touch screen phones are here and here to stay.

Let’s focus, find a few gems that are emerging and ride them together.

Disclosure – Long AAPL and MVIS


  1. David says:

    What do you like about MVIS?
    I know the fly likes it,but I trust you much more.
    At least you have a yiddishe cop.

  2. david – I like it becaus eI am profitavble. This stock is all fly. his enthusiasm won me over. no opinion here.

    iot looks better above $11 so what do i know.

    as far as yids, why can’t a FLLY be a jew?

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