A Good Healthcare Experience ??!! One Medical Delivered

I have been less than 50 percent the last week battling a nasty virus which was mostly a dry cough. It was wearing me out.

I don’t have a doctor I go to in Coronado, and just assumed it would take a week to get an appointment, so I called Gary my partner who is my ‘MacGyver’ of all things quality.

He said I should use ‘One Medical

I am such a cynic about healthcare, but I googled One Medical, found an office in downtown San Diego and had a same day appointment at their clinic almost immediately.

I downloaded the app and filled in a bit of information and was done.

At my appointment I only had to wait a few minutes and the doctor took me back and did all she thought he should do (luckily – for both of us – no prostate check necessary for the cough) and I was out with a prescription for something to help with the cough.

On the way out I set up a full physical a few weeks out.

The whole process felt like how healthcare should be. Sure, I am paying an extra monthly fee for this service but luckily I can afford it and I really just needed the attention because of how sick I felt that moment.

These types of comforts and conveniences are such a great reminder of the progress to be made in healthcare. I am glad we have been able to make some investments in the healthcare space at Social Leverage. There is so much more to do.

PS – I had the founder of Carbon Health on my podcast moths back who talked in depth about this same subject.