A huge day for Apple and another Red Eye

Lets review the day…

I missed my first MacWorld in 5 years for Wallstrip and the real shit happens.

Thanks goodness for my pal Eddie who had his camera and gave me the juice. I trust his young gun dude opinion and he is blown away. My 16-year old niece wants it more than a car (if offered a car-she can’t be serious).

The only real survivor and thriver in this post iPhone era is RIMM. The rest are dead and wont admit it and cheap pretenders. I missed the show because I am on the redeye to New York. The toughest part will be taking the right dosage of Ambien to fall asleep yet not kill me. I have a freaking middle seat.

Long night ahead….


  1. marc says:

    I’m a loyal BB user but want the iPhone. Curious on your take…why all others are cheap pretenders and RIMM stands alone. “Please to explain…”

    If the iPhone has bullet-proof email then I think it’s bad news for RIMM as well. Blackberry does one thing very, very well…and that’s email. the other “pretenders” don’t do anything well…they dabble in a little bit of everything.

    The one advantage RIMM may have over iPhone is their adoption by corporate America … the iPhone may be too “fun” for the IT decision makers at XXXX inc. to make the switch.

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