A Huge Week For Sleep… and Weed

It was a huge week for sleep and weed.

Let’s begin with weed…

Corona beer maker Constellation Brands (STZ.N) will infuse another $4 billion into Canada’s top cannabis producer Canopy Growth (WEED.TO), the biggest investment in the industry, to capitalize on booming demand for marijuana. Here is the story.

Just think…they could have used that money to buy FOUR percent of all the Bitcoins!

Elon Musk also admitted that he was NOT on weed when he tweeted that Tesla would go private at $420 per share.

As for sleep…

Elon Musk was not just talking weed and stoners in his New York Times interview. He also talked about his problems with sleep and referenced his reliance on Ambien.

I know this pain of which Elon speaks.

I write about sleep a lot on this blog dating back to 2006. I just googled myself ‘ howard lindzon sleep Resmed’ and here are some of my past blog posts

In 2014, I wrote this about sleep in my 2015 prediction postYou will get less of it, so bet more on it. I am long Resmed ($RMD).

Institutions have few pure play public investments when it comes to sleep. Resmed now has a $15 billion market cap on $2.6 billion in sales.

Look at the chart of Resmed:

Yesterday I covered Mike Maples saying that smartphones were the tipping point for the networked world.

Smartphones were also a tipping point for sleep as they brought on the modern attention economy.

While every top ten market cap company in the world fights for your 17 hours of awake attention, just a handful of companies are fighting for the 7 hours you sleep.

I imagine this is a huge opportunity for the right weed brands…as well as Apple and Google at some point soon.

Disclosure – long Resmed, Apple and Google

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