A Market of Stocks is Not For Everyone and Jeff Bezos Annual Letter

I walked by an Aunt Annie pretzel shop today and thought to myself ‘If they offered a cologne, I would buy it.’

No wonder I have a cholesterol problem.

My day job (seed stage investing) has no index to peg my returns to. The companies Social Leverage invests in make it or they don’t. It is a market of startups and I love building our portfolio of companies that must deliver incredible returns.

I chose this career because in my previous career I did not index, though I could have and maybe should have. I hated that the market of stocks that I enjoyed was something to be enjoyed on my own, not managing other people’s money.

Let’s get to the markets…

Here is a perfect picture of the Dow in 2018!

I love times when the markets feel like this because the work I passionately do makes sense. We are in a market of stocks.

No matter what type of markets we are in, there will always be pumpers and scams, and it’s not just bad founders and execeutives that make this happen, it’s the banks that fund them and pump them.

One long story made perfectly short is what I call a ‘Tweet Opera’ of the life and times of Riot Blockchain:


Today, Jeff Bezos dropped his annual shareholder letter. He also dropped the Amazon Prime Number, which he has NEVER done, and it is 100 million strong. For persepctive, there are 126 million total households in the United States.

Putting that number in even better perspective is this gem from Dave Pell.

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