A Message To Parents Of Millennial And Generation Z Investors…

One of the top questions I get from parents that read my blog is how to get their kids investing?

Here is my answer…

Study shows that giving young people an investing account, starting from zero financial literacy, is actually beneficial.

Learn by doing!

I am really excited that millions of millennials are in fact opening their first brokerage accounts. It has never been easier to learn by doing.

If your kids are not into investing, they will be one day.

In the meantime, don’t tell them what to do, but do send them interesting investing pieces that may get them interested. Sharing articles that may help them overcome the fear of taking the first few steps might peak their interest.

I loved this post titled ‘The Illusion of Control‘ which is something every parent can print/forward for their kids as they begin their investing journey.

If all else fails, buy them some shares in Google, Nike, Amazon and Alibaba and tell them to put you in a nicer home in 20 years.