A Moment of Shouting…

I think America should have a monthly ‘Moment of Shouting’.

We have so many ‘Moments of Silence’ in America. Moments of Silence are as American as apple pie. They are very important. It’s about respect.

But it’s ok to pay respect to the internet…the ol’ World Wide Web.

Shouting is just as American as Apple pie. I love to shout.

Before Twitter, shouting was last this popular in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Before Twitter, I would have to walk into a theatre of a few thousand corralled friends – shut the lights and doors, demand silence, than scream something insane and run out. That would be awesome, but not scalable.

Thanks to the internet, shouting is scalable.

All I need now is a few casualties (internet companies, not people) and a theme song with trumpets. I think I will get those in 2011.

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