A Note and Update to All Peloton Subscribers

Today is the last day of my ‘Peloton’ subscription product.

It has been a fantastic run the last 12 months. I am really proud of the results and the stress testing of scaling my idea sharing and tracking.

I plan to keep sharing in the form of a subscription research service but in a much different format.

I am building out a research section on my free blog to continue the idea sharing in real time, the 8 to 80 list of stocks and some new social stock market and stock data research.

Ivanhoff and I will continue with weekly ‘Momentum Monday’s’ as always (for free on my blog).

Charles Street has been a good partner for me, but I do not think the long form monthly format fits long term with my goals. I want to keep all my research on my domains.

Stay tuned this week for a more in depth post on what the new research section of my blog will look like and the content I intend to share.

In the meantime you can subscribe to my blog by clicking this link and signing up. I will continue with free updates on every stock that we covered in our ‘Peloton’.

I have also created a Stocktwits Room called ‘Howie Town‘ that will be a home for all of us that love markets, momentum and trend following. It is a group chat product that Stocktwits will be launching very soon. I have been testing the product and it is fantastic for real time chat, idea sharing, community and updates. You can join the waitlist.

As always you can email me howard at lindzon dot com.


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