A Socially Loved Trend Ignored by the Old Guard…3D Printing

I started talking about 3D printing because of the Venture Capitalists pilling into the space. No genius on my part, there never is.

I started noticing the 3D printing stocks when $DDD broke to highs above $20 share, wrote about it on this blog 6 months ago and piled in. The worlds of Venture Capital are indeed connected to the public markets and when the price signalled a buy, I weent long. Not very complicated at all. These patterns repeat all the time in the markets but the data has never been so easy to pull together for a small investor.

Take alook at what has happened in the markets the last few years and more important for me, since $DDD broke above $20. This all happened while CNBC raged on about the EURO, Faceplant imploded, and as you can see by the chart, Hewlett Packard now expects a turnaround in the year ’20NEVER’.

I think this trend remains very early because main street is not eyeball full of stock yet and I believe they will be at some point in the next 10 years.

You don’t have to chase but you should keep an eye on this massive trend. You will be reading about it more and more.


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