A trend ready to explode – Online collaboration

We know the world is flat and shrinking. Online collaboration’s time is due. This space is set to get red hot. Let’s look at the big picture:

Social networks – check

Web, computer and digital camera proliferation- chacheck!

VOIP acceptance and proliferation – chype!

Bandwith – checkamundo

Shrinking world phenomenon – check

Demand – Checkmate

Who is the budding Apple in this space of online collaboration? Could actually be Apple!

Lot’s of Fortune 500 tech companies in the space including Microsoft (LiveMeetings), IBM and Oracle – major portfolio yawn.

I have owned a little Citrix (CTXS) in the last year and their numbers have been rocking. They seem like a purer play.

I don’t yet own, but am following Webex (WEBX) price very closely. It is a long way from it’s all-time high price from back in 2001 but I am close to my first buy. A strong break above $38 and I start.

Another reason to love this space are the merger opportunities. Cable companies, telco’s, media companies, and software companies will be gobbling up small players on a regular basis.

For that matter, FEDEX or UPS should own this space. “When shit just has to get done AND if need be – SHIPPED!”

Maybe they will :)

Please share your thoughts on this trend and companies in this space.


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