A world without real estate agents.. Oh to dream…

Next to lawyers there is no more hated profession to me than a real estate agent. Stockbrokers and travel agents have been ravaged during the internet years and the real estate agents have someone grown in numbers. As brokers made $500 for buying and selling you crap, agents have never worked less for more.

I feel we are finally getting closer to the squeezing of the fees in that profession and if we could mashup the paperwork that the wily, sneaky mortgage brokers have concocted to hide fees, the world would be a better place.

Yahoo’s mashup with uber cool mashup Zillow is way cool, easy to use and fun. A tsunami of pain is headed the real estate agent’s way and a drop in home prices will speed up the inevitable.

Meanwhile, my home is up $3,000 this week according to Yahoo’s home search. Gotta hop over to Citibank and pull out that equity :)

Have some Apple stock to buy.


  1. Adam Elend says:

    I checked this out yesterday and found that my house was worth 16% more than I had calculated myself using nearby comps.

    And they presented compelling reasons that I can use to justify the price. Very cool.

    BTW, great meeting you yesterday – hope the trip back was uneventful!

  2. Boo Hoo says:

    You guy… always blaming someone else. Free enterprise. No one makes you sell a home with a real estate agent. Why not attack car dealers, cell phone providers, and for god sakes, let’s continue to pay enormous prices at the gas station. Damn those pesky agents.

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