Aaron Rents on Wallstrip

A great business model and great cash flow make Aaron Rent’s a long time stock market winner. Take a gander at their lifetime chart.

Charles Loudermilk (79 years young) owns 61 percent of the stock. He seems to care about shareholder value and he stands to lose the most if investors think he does not. Our Wallstrip friend, Michelle Leder, points out that he might well keep an eye on one of his president’s Bill Butler.

The possible shennanigans have not hurt the stock which just this Friday hit another all-time high. I do not own the stock, but am tempted to own this one for the long haul.

The way this company is structured, the stock will continue to be a winner if you trust the CEO and the board.

The company fills a need for millions of Americans that WANT STUFF NOW and will pay through the nose to get it now and pay later.

Let us know what you think of Aaron Rent’s. Brian let’s us know what he thinks of the technicals on the stock.

Note – Lindsay was awesome and her friend and fellow actor Andrew Leeds makes a great co-host for today’s show.

I was jamming my face with Lucky Charm schwag that a General Mills employee/fan sent us when I noticed that Lindsay had eaten all the freaking marshmellows. Hence the ending :) .

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