Aaron Task Interviews Me To Talk Markets, Robinhood and Investing

America has a fever to trade and invest. Charlie snapped a screenshot of the Apple app store and the top apps were almost all brokerage…

This is a fever much like 1999.

I am with Fred on this ‘Revenge Of The Retail

I do worry that this Game Stop short squeeze will end badly and not only the hedge funds will get hurt. Markets can be brutal. But regulating markets to protect the small investor is not the answer. As we can see, the small investor is often a lot smarter than the large investor.

What we need to do is stop printing money to stabilize the economy. And start addressing the real economic issues that exist on main street, not wall street. Monetary policy is not the answer. Fiscal policy is. That won’t stop more Game Stops from happening. They are a by-product of markets. But it will get the money to where it is needed versus where it is just gameplay.

My old friend Aaron Task has been covering markets for 30 years and these days at Seeking Alpha.

He wanted to ask me a bunch of questions about Robinhood and the mood of the markets.

You can listen here. I hope you enjoy.