Abu Dhabi (Doo) Saves Citibank…Fred Flinstone is named CEO and HQ moved to Bedrock

You can’t make this shit up . Obviously Barney is CFO.

I love this quote:

“This investment, from one of the world’s leading and most sophisticated equity investors, provides further capital to allow Citi to pursue attractive opportunities to grow its business,” Win Bischoff, Citigroup’s acting CEO, said in the statement. It helps “strengthen our capital base,” he said.

Translation – The arabs have saved our ass for the time being. Selling oil for $100/barrell makes you very smart, sophisticated and capable of making ridiculous gambles on organizations with 330,000 employees in banking with no risk management.




    your comment is only partly correct.

    “The arabs have saved our ass for the time being”. It should be amended to say “the arabs have saved our ass for the second time”. Remember, Prince Al… bought a big stake many tears back during the last banking crisis.

  2. Bruce says:

    tell me whats so good about selling a large piece of our top financial institution to al queda sympathicos & fund raisers for $25 share?

    but no selling ports to them or c-nook oil to the chinese?

    what a joke the whole thing is

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