Active Investing – The Beginning Of The Beginning and A Bear Market Is In The Eye Of The Bagholder

Back in 2016 I wrote that ‘There Has Not Been A Better Time To Be An Active Investor‘.

In 2017 I wrote ‘The Weed Is Coming And The Bitcoin Is Not Leaving‘.

I did not have to be ‘very’ active to capture massive gains the past year in crypto and Cannabis, but I had to be active.

There have been too many BLARING signs over the past 5 years that active trading and investing were having a moment.

So, I am NOT surprised that yesterday my friend Anish at A16z published ‘The Resurgence of Active Trading‘. I definitely have pushed him down this path by sharing deals over the years, but Anish would have got to the same conclusion on his own because the data is overwhelming. Anish’s Twitter thread on the subject is great.

I am thrilled. A16z can move markets. Not so much with their money as with their focus time and influence.

I see this everyday, but let me repeat…young people want to be active investors and traders. They now have the tools and the mentorship to do it better than the last generations.

I have a Passover story for you. Not a real Passover story, but one my nephew Aaron told me AT our Passover seder on Saturday.

Aaron was excited to tell me that because he reads my blog he discovered Fred Wilson’s blog and because he reads Fred Wilson’s blog he got into NBA Topshot last year and turned $50 into $9,000.

Before I got any more of the story I yelled ‘sell everything‘. Because you know…my prostate and I am old.

Aaron went on to explain his $9,000 was now $3,500.

I still blurted out’sell it all and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum‘…because you know …my prostate and I am old.

Aaron is experiencing his first bear market. He felt like a genius and now worries he may be a bagholder. That is what a bear market does to you.

I doubled down (because I love Aaron) and told him to ditch his high paying first job in management consulting and go full-time crypto.

Young people are getting educated about trading, investing and the markets…just not like you were.