Activision (ATVI) on Walstrip…Nice Timing AND…You get the Point Yet!

Lot’s of news on Wallstrip stock of the day Activision (ATVI) today. Just check out Techmeme.

I have not been shy about gaming and gaming stocks. Long-term this trend is and has been money. We have covered Sony , Electronic Arts , Nintendo , Gamestop and Microsoft (it can’t be Vista) on Wallstrip.

My favorite in the space has been Nintendo. I was buying and recommending it way back in March when it had already risen 300 percent rather quickly. It has still more than doubled since than. The phenomenon will only grow.

But it’s Activision that will be in the spotlight for the next week, at least in the press. Vivendi is buying, investing and merging with Activision (ATVI) (no kissing though). Here is New York Times coverage and some big gaming blogs . I have to be honest that I did not know Vivendi was even in the game business until hearing that it owned World of Warcraft.

I have owned this stock before but have mainly stuck with Electronic Arts, Sony and Nintendo as my proxy for the game market (the stock should rocket higher tomorrow so I am bummed of course). With respect to Sony and have taken much ridicule for that at a recent dinner in San Francisco (but it is on fire lately too).

Building games is a gigantic market but is becoming more like the movie business and that’s why this move by Vivendi is underway. Activision is ruling the game world these days with Guitar Hero and today’s Wallstrip pretty much sums up why.

The game has become a lifestyle for adults across the nation. Check out the GuitarHero website . Here is the Wikipedia page .

Easier than the real guitar and a good reason to get smashed and live out your rock star fantasy. Guitar hero is UNSTOPPABLE as will all of it’s offspring.

Brian takes a look at the activision pricing picture to wrap it up:

In the end, don’t think too hard. This trend is something that all investment portfolios should have exposure too. Take your pick.

Disclosure – Long Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Sony

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