Adaptive Blue Investment

With all my travel and stock excitement, I have not posted on Bilmore Ventures investment in Adaptive Blue last week.

We are extremely excited about Alex and Adaptive Blue. The industry press and reviews have been very positive . Alex is a great entrpreneur and a great writer too. He contributes to Read/WriteWeb . The Adaptive Blue BLOG explains all the products much better than I could in this space, so please just click over and get started.

Fred takes you on a tour of how this looks on his blog here . And here.

I am extra excited about the potential for the Adaptive technology to be applied to STOCK RESEARCH and all the data you can access from a Smart Link. It will be big.

In the meantime, it is a wicked tool for organizing and surfing the web. There are already 700,000 downloads, so you are not the first to test it out :) .

I will get the Smart Links up on this site shortly.


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