Addicted To Connection?

I am.

Last Thursday morning, I was trapped in a small elevator for about 3 hours. It was my building in Soho so I was somewhat comfortable.

I buzzed the emergency button a few times, but that only irritated the comers and goers to the building. Their daily lives went on without their elevator. They just rigged the stairwell doors to open and went about their day.

There is a button to push that rings to some central office and a dispatch came pretty fast, but they had NO idea how to fix the elevator and the landlord was nowhere to be found so I settled in on the floor.

Couple interesting things:

1. Nobody on my Twitter feed believed me.

2. I chilled.

I have a history of being able to chill, but I love being connected. It’s a choice.

We will get better at managing the addiction to connection on email, Twitter Facebook, web etc… because they are so new and we will have to.

There are worse addictions than web connection…namely Gambling and Drinking. I have been in business with some addicted gamblers and they will ravage you. I have not been in business with serious drinkers and have no immediate interest in that.

I think being in business with internet addicts has been good for me all around.

Nothing does replace real pals though.