Adding a few stocks

Guns and Tobacco – I can never resist.

My gun stock is an old fave -Smith and Wesson. It is in a giant pullback on an earning’s miss. I have no idea if they missed (the reports say they did), but the stock got smoked. Numbers look great to me and it is still in a giant uptrend. I will use $8 as a stop for now. I had a big win in this stock earlier in the year, luckily selling near the highs.

Here is one of my fave Wallstrip shows with Lindsay firing guns.

My tobacco buy is MFW – just hitting all-time highs and making a living selling licorice as candy and cigarette filters. Don’t even ask me – go check it out yourself. Here is the lifetime chart. Look’s like they are really benefiting from the Chinese smoking habit and their love of licorice. Go figure :) .

Disclosure – Buying SWHC and MFW tomorrow


  1. Todd says:


    SWHC just completed a head and shoulders top which projects down to the $8.50 to $9.00ish range. The 200 DMA is sitting at about $9.31 currently, so anywhere between $8.50 and $9.35 is a possible entry. With low priced stocks the volatility can get quite extreme.

    WARNING: If you use the price targets I just provided to buy SWHC, you might get mugged when you’re out dining with your significant other, tonight and then get pistol whipped; and you may also lose your money.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Todd – OY

    I use Head and Shoulders in the shower.

    It projects less flaky hair

    At least I can avoid the Disclaimer :)

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