Adios Amazon and Other Deep Market Thoughts

I so deserved this in the comments today from Crawford on my Amazon switcheroo:

Howard be nimble,
Howard be quick,
Howard stopped after
his Kindle schtick.

You stock your neck out and sometimes you get it cut off. Amazon is a roundtrip for me and I likely should have gotten out in the hype and when the getting was good. Coulda Shoulda Woulda. I am truly sorry that people have lost money following me on this one. I can’t hope us back to breakeven though. I can move on and find other winners and when (if) Amazon’s stock gets back in gear, climb back with a clear head.

I won’t let my conviction stand in the way of discipline here . If you have conviction and NO discipline, you will get shaken to your core one time and never get back up to the plate. You only need to have conviction and be right…ONCE!!!!!

I would be quite shocked if the market recovers sometime soon. I hope it does but my portfolio is about making money for my partners so I know not to hope for a living.

You know how I feel about stocks right now and nothing has changed. Less is more.