Adobe is FLASHING its Muscle

That is a cheesy headline.

It’s the Jewish New year so I can start with some Cream Cheese.

I like Video, I have talked endlessly about it. I like buying strength and have talked endlessly about that. Today both those themes worked beautifully.

Apple, Adobe, Akamai and Webx were all up 3-8 percent – just today.

Obviously that won’t continue forever and these are risky stocks, it is just that I like the market here and owning the strongest stocks coming out of a summer of weakness has paid quick, fast, large dividends.

I was bludgeoned this morning in OIL – but BTU and the oil index closed on the highs so they look washed out. I will be adding tomorrow and some more gold calls and I will be stopping out below today’s lows.

Here is some great Adobe linkage and insight courtesy of tech nerd Om Malik and somebody new to me Tom Keating . I may need to get an Adobe tattoo to go with the inevitable Apple tattoo – assuming my reformed jewish cemetary would still have me :) .

UPDATE – more data on my oil trade from DeGraaf. More clues that I use in a countertrend trade.


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  1. Dave says:

    I read both of those blogs, and another one,, for general, comprehensive news on tech companies. They’re good.

    Long OIH for a bounce today. Most oil-related stocks had nice reversal bars today, so hopefully it can last at least a few days.

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