AIG for Dummies…The World is Indeed Upside Down

AIG and the whole bailout is a clusterfuck of epic proportions and is now pure comedy gold. You don’t need to watch CNBC or C-Span – The FLY has a clean wrap up of the whole shebang .

This yutz and asshat Gibbs is already beyond hateable (I would prefer Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees assume his job and just sing 70’s lies to us). He needs to replay this clip back and quit. He is a sellout in less than 100 days:

The government as our bailout leader is making thieves look good already. The absolute pillaging of our system is almost complete and we are left with the giant question mark of how bad will the mood really get and how LONG the bear market will last. I do believe that major price bottoms have been seen for most of the market, but TIME is now the enemy of our wallets and only the fittest financially will survive. It will be an absolute war for returns as we now will have to fight our government on top of shitty market conditions. I will continue to repeat my latest mantra of a few weeks ago…stop thinking about making your money back or asking me or anybody how to make 20 percent a year. Have a plan in place for surviving financially on zero to negative returns on your assets for 3-5 more years. Only after you have that plan, should you think offensively.

Insanely, people were chasing up financial stocks until 2-30 today when the DOW has already rallied 1,000 points in three days. I tweeted that I was done with my index longs for the time being and shorting some Google . Good timing for once.

Tonight we learn that Goldman Sachs is lending the money we lent them to their employees . You can’t make this stuff up.

Concurrent with this is the fact that Obama would like our military veterans to fight for their healthcare benefits with PRIVATE insurance companies . It seems like the NFL’s Gene Upshaw is now running Obama’s military healthcare plan. Lovely.

Other than Stocktwits, Comedy Central is your best bet for financial advice for the forseeable future and god willing Comedy Central will purchase or partner with us to bring us one step closer to financial programming nirvana.