Airlines – it's gotta be the software?

Yield management software is a beautiful thing!

It is intensifying this up cycle in airlines. No industry benefits more from LEVERAGE than the airline industry. Wages, interest rates, fuel, mergers (routes and cost cuts) and now technology (the one always good leverage).

Don’t overthink the airline move. It is real. The airline stocks are en fuego.

Don’t be fooled though. This industry is run by the crazies. The cowboys. The same people crazy enough to want to be President, but don’t want to waste their time getting paid civil servant money. More money has been lost by common shareholders in this industry than by all other industries combined (major league made up fact by me but probably true if I cared to research it and actually get paid for blogging).

I will never get involved. EVER. That is one industry people can get rich and go broke without me. But I do stand in awe of the stock moves.


PS – No American company has been more screwed by the government in the history of capitalism than Southwest Airlines. As every quadrupely reorganized, bankrupted Airline emerges to a new IPO rewarding vulture hedge funds and inept management at the expense of past employees and stupid common shareholders, Southwest continues to have to beat competition that they could have sworn they BEAT!