Akamai keeps on trucking

Talk a bout a post bubble internet winner.

I bought a little a few weeks ago into the selloff at $28 and flipped it out today at $35. It is already eclipsed it’s high from before June’s market swoon – keeping my old position intact and reducing my average cost to under $10.

Why is it so hot?


I do not have a big enough position in the stock to retire myself so my due diligence is more cursory, but with Apple as a partner, cacheing is IN.

Can Revver and YouTube and MySpace and Apple have something more valuable to offer than download speed? Not these days.

I am surprised that Akamai was not bought and seems expensive. It is why I buy it on 20-30 percent dips.

It is another reason why I don’t understand the Yahoo, Google valuation difference. Yahoo’s purchase of Inktomi in the post bubble days is looking smart based on Akamai’s success. Based on Google’s continued strength I am really surprised that Yahoo has had such little price traction in the stock market. A positive surprse here would send Yahoo back to the 40’s – quickly (I do not own it – but think I should).

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