AKNS…Dude – I'm a Day Trader!

Let’s see:

Buy AKNS at $11.80 on market open. Sell AKNS at $14.80……..2 hours later? Book it Danno!

Hope you are on my Feedreader and caught the blog post and trade at the open.

Thank goodness for wifi and Interactive Brokers (IBKR – long). I just banged out half my AKNS for a $3 profit. I would have been happy with that profit over 12 months so I must book half. Sell when you can.

Eyeing my nemesis Starbucks down at $18 freaking dollars. What a stinker that I have stuck myself with. Starbucks needs a SOLAR coffee bean. ASAP.

Also eyeing Fedex (FDX) for my children down here at $86 and change. That has decimated investors of late.

Disclosure – Long AKNS and SBUX


  1. Mark says:

    Howard, you asked me to post some info on solars. I am linking you to a post on my blog, where I put some links on my views and I linked to an excellent blog post in another blog about the coming overcapacity.

    Much like you I think in 2008 we will see times of some major 30-40-50% type of corrections in many of the smaller names – still like the big names, i.e. STP for safety. These articles are more long term, and the Excel chart is especially amazing to see all the capacity coming online. I expect when we come out of this in 2012 or so there will be some huge major players but there will be a lot of overexpansion and oversupply and consolidation in between. But that doesnt mean investors care about it in the near term :)

    Here is the link!

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