Alex Bard and Tomasz Tunguz Join Me On ‘Panic With Friends’ – Cash Canons and Great Returns for Redpoint Ventures

A few weeks back I had my Alex Bard and Tomasz Tunguz join me on ‘Panic With Friends‘ to talk about venture investing. They both invest at Redpoint. They just closed a $500 million fund.

Alex is an old friend of mine who is both a great entrepreneur (his last company Assistly was acquired by Salesforce) and a great investor.

I had not met Tomasz face to face, just know of him via his investing prowess and his writing. He has a fantastic investing blog which mostly focuses on enterprise markets. He has a great sense of humor (with five kids he has no choice).

I really enjoyed the conversation and so did Ellen which is always a good sign that others will too.

I kid Alex about his ability to take early risk (he calls it jokingly the Cash Canon).

On the enterprise investing side Tomasz reminded me how much more room to grow there is by stating that ‘1 percent of Salesforce’ is a Unicorn in the making’.

You can listen to the episode here.

Have a great day.