Allergan (AGN) on Wallstrip

A break from the community posts to talk about boobs and botox :) .

What a winner Allergan (AGN) has been. More important to us though is – can it continue?

I think the Wallstrip show does a good job of explaining the trend and how Allergan capitalizes on insecurity to capture market share. The FDA approval of their breast implants does not hurt.

One thing I will never get…BOTOX. I have not seen one person look good. Everone looks like Jack Nicholson’s ‘The Joker’ from Batman. I was just watching Oprah and she was parading many older woman on the show with good makeovers (makeup, clothes and hair). I can’t see how Botox would have made these women any better looking.

As for price, Allergan is Wallstrip worthy. It is near it’s all-time high, has marked time for 5 years in the $100-$120 range and digested a huge run leading up to 2001’s top. I am considering a small position for the long haul but do not own any today.

Brian gives a more detailed picture on price, technicals and entry points:

I am very intersted in everyone’s thoughts on Allergan and the competition.

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  1. susan kelly says:

    Your kidding right? You don’t get botox, I don’t know a single woman over 45 that doesn’t use it. Celebrity’s aside, most of us don’t use it until we are “frozen”… if you find a good injector it just makes it more difficult to deeply wrinkle your forehead… I can still do it and I don’t look anything like Jack. You can’t look at what the celeb’s on Oprah are doing and assume its that way for the rest of us, they are crazy! As far as the competition for other botox products right now botox lasts the longest and as us babyboomers get older the demand for botox is just going to go up.

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