"Always Be Closing" AND GOOGLE AND "Penny Stock Scams"

Yes – they are all related!

One of my favorite lines ever from a movie is the title for this post. Glengary, GlenRoss had a wicked cast, wicked screenplay and wicked dialogue. “Wicked Cubed” or the “Wicked Trifecta” I guess. I have trademarked “Shit Squared” for airline mergers and even “Shit Cubed” for the telecoms and airlines.

I live by these words (Always Be Closing). It is too much for many people that I come across. Sometimes I see myself from the outside being that person when I know the situation calls for something else and I hate it. I want to reach down and smack myself. I occasionally can slow down, but the damage is generally done. Many people can’t deal with this personality.

Google is the “Always Be Closing” of the internet space. They are “ON IT”. You don’t need to find them – THEY FIND YOU – especially if you are relevant!

It is dangerous for us at some levels to have them know so much, but so far it is wicked. I do not feel threatened – yet. I feel that their products have made most of my businesses better and easier to manage and they have given me no reason to distrust them.

All this said – WTF is with email penny stock scams and shameless fraud. How does this continue. How can I receive 50 emails a day for “OH MY GOD IT’S A BUY” or “SCREAMING BUY” or “SMACK YOUR MOM AND SELL YOUR HOME – THIS IS A TRIPLE”. Our government can drop a missile on a shack in Iraq from a satellite and we can’t stop this spam? Google can’t stop this scam?

I want to stop it. I also want to expose these outfits and PR firms that do it. Does anybody know how?

I read last week that Investor’s Business Daily had 300,000 names and emails breached. Identity theft is a “gynormous” problem along with “Spam and Scam”

We need to “Always Be Closing” these outfits. I know that there is much money being spent in the identity theft space. The economics must be there.

The economics must not be there for “Spam and Scam” emails. Bummer.


  1. candice says:

    Spam is hard. Spam is really hard. Mostly because it still works, and people buy shit from it.

    Spam completely killed Usenet as a forum for discussion. (As a forum for binaries it’s still quite healthy. ;)

    To be honest, I don’t think Google could fix it. I don’t know who could. And I could bore you to death with all the technical reasons why. (Probably explains why it’s this time of night on a Saturday and I’m posting this.)

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