Amazon $1 Trilllion and Google Maps is Air

It is starting to look like Amazon will get to $1 trillion ahead of anyone.

Jeff Bezos announced his Prime numbers a week ago. He announced the $20 month price increase today so the analysts would be able to do the math and boost projections. If Amazon numbers had not pleased Wall Street, the announcement would have soothed Wall Street.

As I have suspected, Amazon Prime and Netflix have amazing pricing power, not just global growth. Time is money and they have stretched people’s day in a way they are getting credit for and the markets will keep awarding them higher market prices (for the time being).

My friend Michael Porat saw this happening a while back and I wrote about it last June on this blog (click here).

Next up…Google Maps is Air

How do you value a company who provides the air you breathe?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chief Product Officer of Tinder, Brian Norgard, at Stocktoberfest this week.

We covered a broad range of investing and product topics because he has seen so much helping Tinder explode in all metrics.

We were talking about how his age group only get their markets/money advice and ideas from their streams, groups and friends and yet still make a lot of stock markets and private market investments at young ages.

I brought up a story about my son Max’s stress level when we shut off his iPhone apps and he pleaded for Google Maps so that he could leave the house one day.

Brian said ‘Maps is Air’.

There is likely no line item in Google’s quarterly financial reports for Google Maps. No Analyst’s questions about Waze and their continution to the bottom line.

‘Maps is Air’ is not a bad investment hypothesis in lieu of all the bad fundamental research for the simple BTFD (Buy The F***** Dip).

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